The foot is composed of twenty-six bones, multiple joints, and the muscles, and ligaments that connect them. The foot is divided into three segments, the forefoot, the midfoot and the hindfoot. The forefoot includes the metatarsals and the bones of the toes. The midfoot includes the navicular, cuboid and cuneiform bones. The forefoot and midfoot are separated by the Lisfranc joint. The hindfoot includes the calcaneus and the talus. The midfoot and hindfoot are separated by the Chopart joint. The plantar fascia is a thick strong cord that runs from the calcaneal tubercle to the base of the proximal phalanges. It supports the arch of the foot during walking. The Achilles tendon crosses the ankle joint and connects the muscles of the calf to the calcaneus.

Mechanism of Injury

The foot can be injured as a result of trauma, repetitive use, or degeneration that occurs with age. Trauma is a leading cause of injury in the young. Twisting injuries can lead to metatarsal fractures or tears of the ligaments. Repetitive use is a common cause of foot injury. People whose occupations require a large amount of walking are at risk for foot injuries. Athletes who participate in endurance sports such as running, or sports that require sudden changes of direction, such as basketball and soccer, or jumping such as basketball and volleyball, are at increased risk of foot injuries.

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