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South India’s first exclusive hospital for Sports medicine, arthroscopy surgery and joint care.

The Hospital has round the clock dedicated team of doctors, therapists and technicians headed by Dr. Subair Khan, an Arthroscopy surgeon and sports injury specialist.

The Centre focuses on sports people’s education in preventing sports related injuries, treating appropriately either Non Operatively or by Arthroscopic technique, rehabilitating them according to the nature of sports in the best possible way to get back to sports at the earliest.

The hospital has more specialized treatment for joint related ailments especially in shoulder, knee and hip joints, treating conditions varying from Knee Arthritis, Knee Ligament tears, stiff shoulders, shoulder instability and so on.

The Orthomed hospital is equipped with most advanced Arthroscopy equipment in treating more difficult problems of the knee shoulder and other joints.


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Dr. Subair Khan in SUN TV

Dr. Subair Khan - Chief Doctor and MD of Orthomed Hospitals was featured in Sun TV at Virunthinar Pakkam. He is Explaining about the Orthopaedic & Sports Related Issues in Current Life Style....